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The Textile and Clothing Industry of India is one of the largest, oldest, and the most global industry in the world. it forms a prominent part in the socio economic growth of the country yet trends show that it has been scattered. The high-scale industrial mills manufacturing yarns, fabrics, and other textile-utility products, and the mid-sized boutiques and fashion enthusiasts still struggling to make their way in Clothing Industry due to lack of affordable, high-quality, and reliable raw material. Odev ends the tussle and extends high-quality raw materials for one and all.

Our vision to end the monetary gap has been our prime motivation and hence we provide you collection of fabrics, thread, buttons, lace, zipper, accessories, and leather products of high-quality at a bargain price.

Whether your requirements run from georgette fabric to chiffon, cotton thread to silk thread, mesh lace to fringe lace, plastic button to metal ones, whatever might be your need, we have an enormous in-stock supply to help you. Our brand resonates the sound of high-quality at a reasonable cost.

OUR MOTTO High Quality Products at a Bargain Price

We understand that change is inevitable and hence regularly employ and adapt to the industry changes basis the demand of local and global trend of the fashion industry. With new age designs, extensive collection of texture, and color variants as well as plethora of material choices, our vision is to ensure the best is offered to you. Our extensive collection has all kinds, variants, and materials option for the garment industry.

Odev as a brand understands that quality service is the only loyal factor that ensures loyal customers, we employ quality assessment steps all through the process, initiated at the very first stage of using the right material for raw materials, concludes with the final shipment. We understand the need for affordable price raw materials and work towards our endeavor without compromising on the quality of work. Are you looking for high-quality yarn, Buttons, zipper, or other related accessories? Then Odev is your one-stop shop offering high-quality products at an affordable price. Browse through our gallery to know more.

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